WOW Methodology

All of our development strategies are underpinned by our ‘WOW’ methodology – a tried and tested philosophy that will ensure the leaders in your organisation achieve impact, gain engagement and increase influence with colleagues, clients, stakeholders and shareholders.

Based on our 35 years of results and experience, we have identified three essential elements of leadership and communication which together form the cornerstone of our WOW philosophy.

  • What’s your impact?’ focuses not just on the ability to give your communication and messages clarity and punch but also on delivering it in a way that resonates powerfully. We call it connecticating – communicating and connecting at the same time. It’s about living and breathing your message in everything you do and every conversation you have – essentially being your message - to take people with you and achieve results.
  • The Orbit Effect’ is about concentrating on your sphere of influence, investing in relationships and adapting your personal style so it is in tune with the people around you, while expanding your network to engage with stakeholders outside of your daily routine.
  • What’s most crucial?’ explores how you can make life changes that ensure you are always giving – and people are consistently seeing - the best you. It’s about nailing down your priorities, reflecting on what is important to you, your achievements and goals for the future. It also recognises the vital contribution of your team in your success.

Our leadership experts, whether they are consulting, coaching, mentoring or training, can tailor all or any one element of the WOW philosophy to suit your organisation’s needs.

We are experienced at working with companies both large and small across a number of sectors – including professional service firms, retail and manufacturing.

We’re on hand to empower each and every leader within your organisation to create the WOW factor through elevating their impact, influence and leadership skills.