What does ‘Connectication’ mean and how does it influence CPD?

24 September 2019



At Leadership Skills Training, we have spent years developing our training and consultancy programs to promote development based on our own experiences in the corporate world. Along the way we have created our very own methodology and ‘buzz words’ that help capture attendees attention and drive action when back in the workplace.

One of the most popular words that we use throughout our development is ‘connecticate’, meaning to authentically communicating with others, in order to create meaningful connections with influence.

The history of our little saying comes from lack of communication and connection to self, others, and community, which are often indicated as being a part of the problem with many conflict resolutions in society at large.

Lack of communication skills and connection to self, others and community are often indicated as being a part of the problem. There is no sense of belonging - a basic human need. Therefore, by default, part of the solution is to improve communication skills and increase connection, which fits into our leadership development perfectly.

Tara, our Managing Director explains “this got me thinking, is there a word that describes this process that incorporates clear communication to create connection? It appeared that there was not, so, Connectication was created”.

Our WOW Online virtual coaching courses are a prime example where this phrase used, our clients rise to the top of the 5% of presenters using bespoke, flexible and social learning via our ‘Present to Impact’ course structure, learners are educated on how to ‘connecticate’ with their audience and present with impact.

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