Training Tomorrow’s Executives

04 August 2019



Presenting oneself with energy, self-belief, and clarity of thought can help engage, enthuse, and inspire those who really matter. Leadership Skills Training, having been named the UK’s leading leadership training and coaching consultancy of the year, offer exemplary courses, so we profile the firm to find out more.

Coaching leaders and leadership teams, LST help to accelerate the impact and influence skills through bespoke training that can meet individual business needs. The training results in individuals experiencing unprecedented levels of personal impact, going well beyond their own potential to not only achieve, but exceed business and personal objectives.

In the last five years, the team at LST have coached more than 2,000 senior professionals across major global corporations, ranging from professional services firms to manufacturers and retailers. This breadth of talent development has given the firm unparalleled insight into what matters most for businesses and their leadership teams, always working with an organisation’s aims in mind.

Staff trainers working at LST are excellent communicators, bringing energy, positivity, and inclusivity to asking questions of employees who are looking at promotion, or those already leading the way. Communicating with clarity, courage, and confidence, the staff deliver bespoke coaching packages that are tailored and attuned to every individual need.

Drawing on scientific developments and results within the neuroscience sector of medical developments, the coaching offered by LST yields results that are immediate and long- lasting. More than just a coaching experience, clients are rewired during their leadership development experiences to understand their own potential best, and how to be it. Clients also often report back that the experiences they undertake are the best training and coaching experiences that they have done across their careers.

Two of the primary offerings from LST include their Lead with Impact programme, and PULSE programme. Lead with Impact is designed for senior managers who wish to progress up the employment ladder and get prepared for top leadership roles. Those who undertake the course will learn to refine critical leadership messages, solidify their leadership contribution, develop vision and strategy, work on their own communication style, and learn how to adapt it to better influence stakeholders.

In terms of establishing their successes outside the firm as an executive, the programme also helps members raise their external profile through networking, speaking engagements, social media presence, membership associations, and defining their leadership moving forward. Contrasting to that, the PULSE programme delivered by LST is for newly appointed board members, those transitioning careers, partnership candidates, and leaders who want an influx of gravitas and flair into their interactions. The aim of the programme is to unleash leaders in fulfilling their maximum potential. Operating at unprecedented levels of personal and professional impact, programme candidates become fearless ‘connecticators’ who connect, inspire and communicate simultaneously.

PULSE is delivered through a series of six bespoke sessions aimed at senior level executives, enabling individuals to transcend what they believe possible in their professional lives. Leaders discover a new sense of their best self and clarity of message, enabling them to impart a vivid vision. This vision compels others to share in their journey and make the vision a results driven reality. They learn to inspire and connect with internal and external stakeholders and be a brand ambassador. They learn to prioritise strategic thinking time, their wellbeing, and empowering others.

Understanding that businesses find it hard to have the time for talent to take two days off for a training course, LST have begun to develop and launch bespoke facilitated digital courses. Digital offerings have quickly become the forefront of the firm’s developmental priorities, as clients face more business challenges in reducing costs. The digital revolution continues in January 2020, as the firm look to launch iwow, a bespoke digital leadership development experience that aims to elevate impact, influence and leadership skills at a more affordable price for clients.

Overall, LST’s continued success is proving to have far-reaching effects across business worldwide. Creating and training the leaders of the future, businesses looking to guarantee their safety in the future can rest easy knowing that this firm have the training ready to give the right employee the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and lead in a changing world.