Time with Tara

19 June 2019



This month, we sat down with Leadership Training Skills Ltd, Managing Director Tara Fennessy, to learn about what makes her tick, and have created the superb business model, culture and reputation, as well as juggling launching in a digital market.

Why does LST combine traditional training with science?

I became the Managing Director of LST at 31. Training and the neuroscience behind learning and, more specifically ‘people’ has always been a huge passion of mine.

For the past thirty five years, even before my time, LST has been deep rooted in creating impact through leadership training and development. Although there are obviously a lot of training programmes available, I think what makes us so different is the fact that we really get under the skin of our clients and work with them as partners. Our methodology uses a combination of experience, specialist skills transfer and understanding our audiences through neuroscience and profiling, which essentially means that on an individual basis, our clients can build credibility and trust for themselves and the organisations they represent.

What plans do you have for Leadership Skills in the future?

Earlier this year we launched our new online training platform WOW Online Presentations. This has been a true ‘baby’ of mine for some time and I have always wanted to extend our offering through a digital platform, and now we do!

The online training uses our 35 years across training and condenses this down into five effective, impactful online bursts of training, all focused around how you can communicate with your audiences – and reach the top 5% level of presenters.

So far, we’ve had some tremendous feedback from our clients, and are looking forward to rolling it out more this year. Take a look http://www.leadershipskills.co.uk/wow-your-presentations.html

We have lots of exciting plans on the horizon including a bespoke online leadership development programme based on my book ‘The Leadership WOW Factor – 3 Secrets to Elevate your Impact, Influence and Career.

What do you do to build your confidence?

I tend to be my own worse critique, so I find it valuable to get feedback regularly on what I’m doing well, so that can drive positive challenges forward and push myself to do better in a positive way - learning & improving helps me feel more confident.

I also like to do things that directly challenge me, whether its jumping off a plane or writing my first book, I’m always looking for the next challenge!

What has been your biggest life lesson so far?

Being driven fast paced & solution focussed means I naturally think what’s next.

My biggest lesson over the years is taking time to ‘smell the flowers’ and slow down. Now that I’m older, I definitely have more of an appreciation for reflecting. This helps me to see progress made and celebrate success. Observe learnings and, of course correct if necessary.