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Leadership Skills Training Limited has been established as a professional training and development company since 1984, as one of UK’s most experienced and trusted consultancies with an impressive client list including Tesco, Ernst & Young, Accenture, Cabinet Office, and JCB – these clients are a testimony to the vast experience we bring to every project and the results we can achieve.

Our team skill is built over years of L&D experience and delivering a professional, tailored solution to your training and coaching requirements of senior, management and operational teams and individuals across the globe.

We believe strongly in leading by example, our team focuses on building strong and on-going relationships with clients so that they have the confidence and trust to be themselves.

Managing Director

Tara Fennessy

Tara manages the business from a strategic level as well as being a lead coach and leadership trainer to our clients. An expert leadership and communication consultant, she works with leaders to help them know their message and be their message so they build credibility and trust for themselves and the organisations they represent.

“I’m passionate about inspiring self-confidence and self-belief in my clients through their ability to lead with clarity, confidence and courage. I truly care about making a difference – for me, there’s nothing better than seeing the results my clients achieve when they trust themselves and in turn others trust them.

What’s more, I am really proud that the legacy of my clients’ time with me not only enables them to lead effectively but helps them to do the same with future leaders."

Lead Trainer

Sasha King

Sasha is a highly experienced and qualified leadership coach and lead impact trainer, working with clients to transform their ability to present and communicate with confidence at c-suite level and beyond to win new business or create influence with impact.

"I love the rapport and relationship side of communicating and training and as a natural people-person I think this translates in my sessions. I thrive on the transformations that I help my clients make in so little time, and love the continuing relationships I make based on the trust developed.

The brilliant feedback I gain from each client is what makes me know I help people be the best they can be."

Senior Trainer

Rachel Coleman

Rachel is a specialist trainer across Employee Relations, H.R and CPD with over 25 years’ experience working with blue chip private and public sector organisations. Rachel delivers our customised and key topic training solutions to clients.

I love empowering individuals to unlock their true potential and inner confidence, working with them on a personal basis to help them understand, develop and refine behavioural skills necessary to impress and influence others.

Over the years the most consistent feedback from clients has been “I didn’t think I could do that, now I know I can” – which is all the testament I need to love what I do.

Leadership Behaviour Expert

Anne Mulliner

Anne is our specialist trainer working with clients, senior individuals and teams to use their authentic personal brand to achieve outstanding results for themselves and their organisations through influence and relationships.

I’m passionate about helping senior people understand how to use their soft skills to drive passion, performance and profit.

The clients I work with achieve incredible results both personally and professionally especially when they are willing to trust themselves even when it feels uncomfortable.

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