PULSE Programme

The PULSE programme is one of our most highly regarded coaching programmes, which incorporates a series of six highly bespoke, personalised sessions over six months.

The programme is designed for senior leaders facing defining points in their career and to land them with impact.

Our master coaches support, challenge and highlight the art of the possible - stretching individuals to transcend expectations in their professional life, pushing boundaries to empower them to operate at unprecedented levels of confidence, impact and influence, yet always incorporating the strategic objectives of their organisation as a backdrop to drive results.

Our PULSE approach helps leaders crystallise their vision and express their message clearly and succinctly in a way that resonates with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

This bespoke programme helps leaders to take calculated risks whilst building trust - with peers, with their team but more importantly in themselves. Leaders complete the coaching programme with a template of themselves at their best, so their careers aspirations become inevitable.

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