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Who is the PULSE Programme for?

  • Newly appointed board members
  • Career transitioners – those approaching promotion or recently promoted
  • Partnership candidates and newly promoted partners
  • Leaders who want to inject gravitas and flair into every interaction

What’s the aim of the PULSE Programme?

To unleash leaders to operate at unprecedented levels of personal impact and performance. Fearless communicators who have the energy, self belief and clarity to engage, enthuse and inspire that cascades into every future interaction.

What is unique about the PULSE programme?

A series of six truly bespoke sessions aimed at senior level executives, our PULSE programme enables individuals to transcend what they believe possible in their professional lives. Incorporating the strategic objectives of their organisation we focus on pushing boundaries to empower leaders to create transformational results. Leaders discover a new sense of their best self and clarity of message, enabling them to impart a vivid vision. This vision compels others to share in their journey and make the vision a results driven reality.

What will leaders do on the PULSE programme?

  • refine critical leadership messages
  • crystallise their leadership contribution, vision and strategy
  • integrate learning’s and successes into powerful stories that inspire
  • enhance and own their personal brand
  • diagnose their communication style and learn how best to adapt it
  • message map stakeholders
  • ‘connecticate’ with colleagues and clients to build relationships and results
  • raise their external profile through networking, speaking engagements, social media presence and membership associations
  • define their leadership plan going forward

What is the duration and cost of the programme?

Six half day face to face sessions normally spaced one month apart (depending on bespoke course objectives), ideally away from their place of work.

Unlimited telephone and email support is provided for the duration of the programme and quarterly catch up calls in the year following the end of the programme.

Feedback from 3-5 senior stakeholders is also requested after month 1 and 4 of the programme to further shape the coaching sessions.

The cost of the programme is £9,950 excluding VAT

What is the result of the PULSE programme?

As a result of the PULSE programme Leaders will be able to lead and communicate more effectively going far beyond their potential to not only achieve BUT exceed their business objectives - and personal ones too.