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Our PULSE philosophy will ensure the leaders in your organisation achieve impact, gain engagement and increase influence with colleagues, clients, stakeholders and shareholders.

Just as a doctor checks a patient’s pulse to determine a strong and healthy heartbeat and blood flow to the body’s vital organs, so our PULSE philosophy provides a communication health check, ensuring your leaders’ messages are clear, articulate and reach the vital areas of your organisation.

Too many organisational hours are spent running from job to job – both physically and mentally. Truly successful leaders value thinking time – in other words, they take time out to ‘check their pulse’.

Our PULSE philosophy provides the opportunity for every leader in your organisation to take time out, providing them with the
clarity, confidence and courage to lead.

Based on our 30 years of results and experience, we have identified five essential elements of communication which together form the cornerstone of our PULSE philosophy.


How leaders can spotlight exactly what they and their team contribute and how it aligns to the organisation as a whole.


How leaders can articulate an organisation’s values and goals while maintaining their own individual approach and credibility.


How leaders can connect and inspire with their vivid vision to multiple audiences, both internally throughout an organisation and externally to clients and other stakeholders, to drive the present forward.


How leaders can clearly differentiate themselves from the pack and sell their solution/strategy more persuasively, both internally and externally.


How a leader can successfully position themselves as a ‘go to’ expert in their field and ensure that what they put in as best practice becomes common practice.

Each element is underpinned with the fundamental principles of credibility, connection, clarity, certainty and contribution.

Our communication experts, whether they are consulting, coaching, mentoring or training, can tailor all or any one element of the PULSE philosophy to suit your organisation’s needs.

We are experienced at working with companies both large and small across a number of sectors – including professional service firms, retail and manufacturing.

We’re on hand to empower each and every leader within your organisation to have their finger firmly on the PULSE of communication.