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In order to Present with Impact you have to display clarity, confidence and credibility.

Yet the majority of presenters are so busy telling people what they know, they fail to connect with their audiences. So knowing how to connect with people and being a catalyst for change have to be priorities when presenting. Presenting is often referred to as our most visible skill.

So few people see us doing our jobs. Significantly more people see us interacting in meetings, with clients or presenting. The saying ‘If you are good at presenting – people assume you are good at your job’ may not be fair, but is an indication how critical it is to work on our most visible skill. You may be technically brilliant, but perhaps being overlooked at promotion time. You may have so many responsibilities that you cannot find the time to prepare properly. Perhaps you over-prepare and need guidance to save precious time that is better spent elsewhere.Whether you require individual coaching, or team group training, or would benefit from joining an open group course, there are fundamental factors that are crucial to Present with Impact.

Some of what we cover:

  • The 3 Big Mistakes that presenters make
  • How to exude confidence
  • How to save time preparing
  • Delivering memorable messages
  • Making your content credible, interesting and clear
  • Video analysis of each participant, providing genuine feedback
  • Personalised tips for improvement
  • Individual coaching to transform delivery
  • Mastering contributions in meetings
  • Speaking anytime, any place, any where – with clarity, confidence and credibility.