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Sasha King

I transform my client’s ability to present and communicate with confidence.

I love the rapport and relationship side of communicating and am an irrepressible people person always seeking to help people to be the best they can be.

I thrive on the transformations that I help my clients make in so little time, and love the continuing relationships I make based on the trust developed.

I do this by helping them to see what audiences really want and need, and give them the tips and skills needed to be engaging, captivating and exuding confidence.

Clients are left with a new found confidence, based on simple techniques, which can be used both for set piece presenting and meeting impact.

I have a whole stack of emails and faxes (!) of brilliant feedback which my clients themselves have received – that’s what makes me know I help people be the best they can be.



Tara Fennessy

I am a communication expert who helps leaders deliver messages that build credibility and trust for themselves and the organisations they represent.

I am passionate about inspiring self-confidence and self-belief in my clients through their ability to communicate with clarity, confidence and courage.

I specialise in helping leaders take the time to define, articulate and communicate their vision and what it is they really do, in their own inspiring and authentic way, ensuring leadership messages that matter.

My ethos is that when leaders know their message and can be their message, transformation happens at all levels for individuals and organisations.

I truly care about making a difference – for me, there’s nothing better than seeing the results my clients achieve when they trust themselves and in turn others trust them

What’s more, I am really proud that the legacy of my clients’ time with me not only enables them to deliver their messages effectively but helps them to do the same with future leaders.



Rachel Coleman

I’m an employee relations, H.R and Training specialist with 25 years experience working with blue chip private and public sector organisations.

I am passionate about empowering individuals to unlock their true potential and inner confidence.

The clients I work with will be able to understand, develop and refine the behavioural skills necessary to impress and influence others.

I will link the individual needs to the professional requirements and give actionable feedback enabling my clients to influence their interactions and deliver more effective outcomes.

Over the years I have been delighted that my clients have consistently told me
“I didn’t think I could do that, now I know I can”



Anne Mulliner

I’m a Leadership Behaviour expert who works with senior individuals and teams to ensure they understand and use their authentic personal brand to achieve outstanding results for themselves and their organisations.

I’m passionate about helping senior people understand how to use their soft skills to drive passion, performance and profit.

The clients I work with achieve incredible results both personally and professionally especially when they are willing to trust themselves even when it feels uncomfortable.

I get the results I do by building strong honest relationships so I can ask challenging transformational questions that lead to sustained change.

My clients are left with the ability to continually show up at 10/10 – no excuses!