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Lead with Impact

There are times in our career when we need just short bursts of input or support to increase our impact and influence, perhaps to prepare us to take on a promotion, help us embrace bigger opportunities or simply get us through challenging times.

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Present With Impact

In order to Present with Impact you have to display clarity, confidence and credibility. Yet the majority of presenters are so busy telling people what they know, they fail to connect with their audiences. So knowing how to connect with people and being a catalyst for change have to be priorities when presenting. Presenting is often referred to as our most visible skill. So few people see us doing our jobs.

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Leadership Messages Matter

Today the communication demand on leaders is greater than ever. Not only do they need to communicate how they are building a sustainable business, they must personally create leaders who will build an even better business in the future. What’s more, they need to address a wider array of audiences and use an even wider range of channels than in the past. In this environment, the need for trust, transparency and credibility is critical.

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Create a Celebrated Conference

In order to produce an Oscar winning movie, you need to create a story, write a compelling script and direct the actors to bring the characters to life, in a way that has a massive impact on the audience. The same is true of producing a winning conference. Our 3 day ‘Create a celebrated Conference’ package will ensure you achieve all the vital ingredients for an Oscar winning production – and massive impact on your audience as a result.

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Promotion to Partner

No matter how long you’ve been with the firm, there’s a significant leap between being a director and being a partner.

Only two per cent of people who enter the accountancy profession actually make it to partner – so how can you make sure you stand out from the crowd and confirm your place in this elite group?

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PULSE Programme

To unleash leaders who will operate at unprecedented levels of personal impact and performance.

Fearless communicators who have the energy, self belief and clarity of thought to engage, enthuse and inspire that cascades into every future interaction.

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