Leadership WOW Factor Book

Leadership WOW Factor Book

Leadership Skills Training Managing Director Tara Fennessy is a credible and well renowned leadership expert in the global training market. For many years Tara has been ardent about inspiring self-confidence and self-belief through skills development.

Utilising her extensive skills and experience gained working with and delivering leadership training and development programmes for some of the world’s best known brands and organisations, Tara has published ‘The Leadership WOW factor’ which demonstrates 3 secrets to elevate your impact, influence and career.

Being good at your job is not enough anymore – ambitious individuals need to bring clarity and confidence to your leadership, take calculated risks and show the human side of their personality to influence and build agile, inclusive relationships, for the benefit of themselves but also the organisation and brand reputation.

There is a definite a ladder gap between leaders and ambitious individuals missing out on career progression and top jobs due to their lack of personal impact, inflexibility of style and not prioritising their time. This is a great solution to help straddle that, as well as landing in a new role role with impact and keeping momentum and influence as you accelerate your career.

The content throughout the book are based on Tara’s extensive leadership training and coaching experience and modelled on our WOW philosophy, covering aspects such as: understanding your messages and impact, delivering within your own communication style and confidence, and refining your skills to the audiences to enhance influence and power.

Available to buy June 2019!