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Today the communication demand on leaders is greater than ever.

Not only do they need to communicate how they are building a sustainable business, they must personally create leaders who will build an even better business in the future. What’s more, they need to address a wider array of audiences and use an even wider range of channels than in the past. In this environment, the need for trust, transparency and credibility is critical.

People want leaders they can believe in and who articulate a higher purpose than profit. They need to fully understand their leader, their expectations and their point of view. They respond best to leaders who have a strong strategic focus – with a clear vision of where the business should be going – who speak plainly and truthfully and, when necessary, courageously and with principles.

Communicating clear and compelling messages to clients, colleagues and stakeholders is common sense, but unfortunately not always common practice. With more demands on their time, more often than not leaders simply do not have the luxury of preparing well-crafted messages. The good news is that the skills required to communicate effectively as a leader can soon become second nature – it’s a matter of putting some key techniques into practice.

Our Leadership Messages Matter two-day programme covers our 10 Commandments of Crystal Clear Communication.

  • Communicate your message and mission with clarity
  • Be yourself, better
  • Convey a vivid vision fused with values to drive the present
  • Communicate your learnings, success and failings to connect with your audience
  • Be aware of the signals you send beyond your words
  • Use anecdotes to make your message memorable and inspiring
  • Listen powerfully and ask the questions that really matter
  • Engage with key stakeholders through crucial and compelling conversations
  • Prepare properly to build credibility and trust
  • Rehearse, review, repeat