How to develop leaders skills within operational teams

10 September 2019



For a leader, the critical skill of developing a strong ‘teamwork’ ethos across the organisation is paramount – a leader that has a clear vision and goals, and effectively communicates this to the ‘team’ around them.

Productivity levels in a team can be increased by improving communication and facilitating an open discussion to allow team members to openly share their opinions and ideas. What skills should you be looking to develop?

1. Emotion and motivation - Leaders should be able to inspire and motivate their team by challenging the norm and using both their head and heart when making decisions. By combining thoughts and feelings, decision-making becomes much more rational, and as a result, the output is more coherent and successful.

2. Cognitive flexibility - how quickly you can shift from one system of thought to another. Leaders should always view their role as flexible; the whole team should be able to call upon them in challenging situations.

3. Intuition is important to leaders as it helps them understand the personalities and learning styles of all team members. This can then help the whole team work more efficiently as everyone can leverage on their strengths and preferred working styles.

4. Impact - Leaders should be able to communicate effectively with their team and learn how their actions can affect others to create the biggest positive impact.

5. Sustainable success - Success is developed through a synergy of evolution, inclusion, culture and innovation. Measuring success can be done by setting small goals and objectives and keeping track of when they are achieved.

Good team training is commonly found in high performing teams, everyone holding the skills to work through any challenges they may face produces better outcomes. Having a high-performance team is a huge asset to any business as they bring a variety of knowledge and skills to the table.

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