How can you push leaders to be the best they can be?

08 May 2019



We all know that an organisation is only as strong as its leaders.

Investing in those leaders is the only true way to ensure growth, innovation and retention.

The theme of leadership has been studied scientifically for more than a century, across numerous studies identifying the critical leadership competencies that can make leaders successful.

At Leadership Skills Training in collaboration with LMJ Leadership, we use a proven neuroscience methodology model that we have developed over our thirty five plus years in senior leaders, and team development. That model is called L.I.M.B.E.R.

L – Limbic

The neuroscience behind skills development – being brave, challenging the norm, being conscious and rational around your thought-process, as well as mitigating feelings against making decisions.

I – Intuitive

Understanding personality styles and behaviours (theirs and others) in order to effectively influence and drive the team. The emotional side of leadership, which considers the impact on team members, humility, and ethics.

M – Mental Agility

Cognitive flexibility is the ability to flex in your role when needed, and have a strong mind set and compass to guide you through the leadership challenges.

B – Boost

A diagnostic to learn how leaders communicate to their teams, play to individual strengths and build trust and collaboration across your organisation.

E – Excellence

This is built under NLP techniques (Neuro-linguistic programming) to develop leaders communication, messaging and story-telling skills.

R – Results

Commitments and objectives (personal, team and business) must be anchored across the leadership development programme to ensure impression is embedded continually.

The value behind organisations using this model is that it covers the key capabilities across ‘the ideal leader’ while customising these skills to their commercial role and objectives.

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. Start yours today by contacting our team on 0207 118 8181