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In order to produce an Oscar winning movie, you need to create a story, write a compelling script and direct the actors to bring the characters to life, in a way that has a massive impact on the audience. The same is true of producing a winning conference.

Our 3 day ‘Create a celebrated Conference’ package will ensure you achieve all the vital ingredients for an Oscar winning production – and massive impact on your audience as a result.

The devil is in the detail
To create a worthwhile and enjoyable conference, you need to have a theme that captivates the audience – it needs to attract them and inspire them to take crucial action.

Our coaches know what questions to ask to make sure that the theme inspires and is culturally the right fit for the right occasion.

A theme in itself though will not create the punch that allows an audience to be inspired, so we will guide you through the pitfalls of seemingly average conferences and ensure that yours is the conference that sets the highest standard.

Creating compelling, engaging and creative content
Ensuring that each presenter has a clear understanding of the audiences’ interests, barriers and motivations will help each speaker to feel confident that they will be relevant and engaging.

Every presenter needs to leave a memorable message – just saying what you need to tell an audience will not get your message across. Clarity and brevity are what matter.

In this age of ‘death by PowerPoint’, we will show how impressive presenters can avoid this common trap. Add to that, a simple structure and content that is interesting, memorable, clear and credible and you have the foundation stones of presenters who exude that ‘pleased to be there’ stage presence which audience members admire.

Dynamic delivery and how to conquer a Q&A session
And so to ‘Action’. In order to deliver a presentation that will inspire and be memorable for all the right reasons, you need to rehearse, rehearse and rehearse.

Working on stage presence, gestures, body language, eye contact, energy and vocal variety means that there will definitely be a ‘Take two, three and four’!

How you handle the Q&A session is arguably just as important as the presentation itself, so the tips and techniques that provide presenters with the confidence to handle – not react to – questions is critical.

What we actually cover during the three day course will be decided once we know more about you and your requirements.

However, it will almost certainly involve:

  • Sharing the secrets of holding people’s attention
  • Making the audience tune into your key message
  • Positioning content for a mixed audience
  • Delivering a dynamic speech
  • Being a catalyst for action
  • Delivering without notes
  • Handling the question and answer session
  • Engaging the audience – instantly
  • Keeping it simple
  • Credible and interesting content – made easy
  • Exuding stage presence