Crafting a vision for a hight street retailer


    Leadership Skills Training was contacted by the senior HR manager of this well-known high street retailer, having worked with him in the past to deliver training programmes for his previous employer. Despite operating a successful business, the company had grown significantly without a structured HR policy or workable mission statement. With the appointment of a new CEO, we were asked to provide consultancy to help the senior management team develop a new strategy that would shape the future of the business and ensure it remained profitable.


    The business faced a number of obstacles which threatened its long-term success. In addition to the lack of HR policy, the current senior management team had inherited a mission statement from the outgoing chairman which lacked substance and credibility and was at odds with the company’s new leadership style. At the same time, directors were not sufficiently empowered to drive the business forward and minimal communication between functions meant that the business was disconnected. The issues at the top of the organisation were mirrored further down at store level, with the absence of a company-wide value system resulting in poor customer engagement.


    In order to for the business to become more cohesive, it was vital that the leaders of each function begin to collaborate. We recommended kicking off the process with an informal day at the races, where the senior leadership team could begin to bond in a relaxed environment. This was followed up with a more formal awayday, facilitated by Leadership Skills Training, to draw the leadership team together and assist them in developing a new vision and strategy that everyone could buy into, from the top down. Using our unique PULSE approach, we worked with the team to articulate in simple yet impactful terms what the business is about and devise a strategy for the future based on three key messages. We then assisted in developing a plan for cascading these messages down through the organisation, which was rolled out at the retailer’s next leadership conference.


    The retailer’s senior leadership team now has a vision and strategy which means something to them and for which they can take ownership. Business functions work jointly to fulfil business objectives, while senior leaders now feel a sense of empowerment that they can make a difference. Going forward, Leadership Skills Training is providing consultancy to assist the organisation in developing a strategy for cultural change.