A personal approach to career development


    Leadership Skills Training is renowned for its highly bespoke and personalised approach to coaching, which was the requirement for one HR director employed by a high profile property company who felt that despite a successful career trajectory, she needed to boost her gravitas and personal impact in order to really make a difference in her current and next role.


    The individual had progressed through the ranks to become the HR director responsible for EMEA and was fantastic in her role and well respected by her team. Yet her affable and open personality often led other internal stakeholders to misunderstand her and even question her ability to do the job. Rather than changing her character, she needed coaching to unleash a more effective, dynamic and persuasive communication style, transforming her into a high performing individual with the ability to engage and inspire stakeholders across all levels and functions within business.


    Leadership Skills Training initially met with the individual once a month for a six month period. In each session, we used our PULSE approach to help her crystallise her vision and give her messages the ‘wow’ factor. Our method encouraged her to express clearly and succinctly her role within the organisation, what makes her uniquely placed to deliver it, and the solutions she can provide in a way that resonates with colleagues, clients and stakeholders. By gaining greater clarity, she experienced a sea change in her impact, influence and self-belief.


    One-to-one coaching has truly transformed the career of this individual. On a personal level, she is now regarded as a ‘go to’ HR expert within the business and externally, and is invited to speak at the firm’s international leadership conferences on a regular basis, as well as industry-wide events. She has effectively coached and developed her own team to be voted ‘Best HR Team’ within the business, while ensuring that challenging projects have not only got off the ground but have reached a successful conclusion. Ultimately, she has ensured that the HR function is taken seriously by others within the company, and it is now seen as a crucial factor in driving the organisation forward.