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How to accelerate your learning and growth mindset

Courage is an essential part of having a growth mindset. If it is something that would be ‘nice to have’, frankly it will be much harder to learn. For most people change is not a natural default and for some change can be threatening, as our brains love familiarity. As a Leadership Coach, I often ask people going for a promotion what do you really love about your job? The following will help you to think about having a growth mindset and help you to accelerate your learning.




What does ‘Connectication’ mean and how does it influence CPD?

At Leadership Skills Training, we have spent years developing our training and consultancy programs to promote development based on our own experiences in the corporate world. Along the way we have created our very own methodology and ‘buzz words’ that help capture attendees attention and drive action when back in the workplace.




How to develop leaders skills within operational teams

For a leader, the critical skill of developing a strong ‘teamwork’ ethos across the organisation is paramount – a leader that has a clear vision and goals, and effectively communicates this to the ‘team’ around them.




Training Tomorrow’s Executives

Presenting oneself with energy, self-belief, and clarity of thought can help engage, enthuse, and inspire those who really matter. Leadership Skills Training, having been named the UK’s leading leadership training and coaching consultancy of the year, offer exemplary courses, so we profile the firm to find out more.




Time with Tara

This month, we sat down with Leadership Training Skills Ltd, Managing Director Tara Fennessy, to learn about what makes her tick, and have created the superb business model, culture and reputation, as well as juggling launching in a digital market.




How can you push leaders to be the best they can be?

We all know that an organisation is only as strong as its leaders.

Investing in those leaders is the only true way to ensure growth, innovation and retention.

The theme of leadership has been studied scientifically for more than a century, across numerous studies identifying the critical leadership competencies that can make leaders successful.




Jump the gap

There are three key steps to jumping the ‘ladder gap’ to promotion, according to leadership coach Tara Fennessy. In 'Don’t get overlooked for promotion', I spoke about the ‘ladder gap’ that finance professionals can face when seeking internal promotion: the situation where, despite your hard work, you’re overlooked in favour of less experienced peers or external hires. The good news is it’s within everyone’s capability to jump the gap; it just requires a little time out to consider and put into practice opportunities for career ‘recalibration’.




Know your message, be your message

Today the communication demand on leaders is greater than ever. Not only do they need to communicate how they are building a sustainable business, they must personally create leaders who will build an even better business in the future. What’s more, they need to address a wider array of audiences and use an even wider range of channels than in the past. In this environment, the need for trust, transparency and credibility is critical.




Don't get overlooked for promotion

Feel you’ve been passed over for promotion? You may need to jump the ‘ladder gap’ and recalibrate, says leadership coach Tara Fennessy. If you’ve successfully risen through the ranks in an organisation, there can come a time when the promotions start to dry up and you see less experienced, even less talented, peers and external hires being promoted above you. In this situation, it may be tempting to look elsewhere to chase that more challenging, and lucrative, ‘top echelon’ financial role.