Awards & Testimonials

Leadership Skills has been recognised globally for our conduct and trusted services, below is a demonstration of some recent accolades received.

A.I's 2019 Leading Adviser Awards Leading Leadership Training and Coaching Consultancy of the Year

A.I's Global "Best of the Best in Training & HR 2017

Business Excellence 2018 Award "Training Consiltancy Firm of the Year

Just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of myself and colleagues for the incredible training you delivered to us on Wednesday.

In almost 31 year of Service with the FCO I have never been on a course where you literally saw people developing confidence and ability in front of your eyes and delivering results by the end of the day. I very much include myself in that statement.

Andy Brown, Foreign & Commonewalth Office

I have now worked with Tara for 2 years and during that time she has helped me enormously to articulate clearly my message, my strategy and how I can drive my career forward.

She has helped me to build up the confidence to be a guest speaker at various internal and external events and put focus upon what I really want to achieve into a coherent and successful plan. I have subsequently expanded my role, been promoted twice and taken on additional functions. I have now the tools to be able to coach and mentor others who have also gained great successes.

Emma Thomas, MD, Akerberg Thomas

The time we spent together gave me a lot both professionally and privately.

I came to the sessions with the goal to say less and tell more - to be simpler in the way I communicate to my peers with a focus on senior management. 

After our sessions I am really inspired how strong and simple message make a difference, saves time, increases self- confidence and makes you happy.

Thanks to our sessions my job seems easier and more organized.

I also feel much better as a good Leader, good wife and good mum.

Being at my best I bring much more value to my business, my family and as an inspiring leader. I know now next steps in my journey, personally and professionally will be a much higher level and I am much more confident I will reach them.

Katarina Navratilova, Commercial Director – Tesco Europe