Awards & Testimonials

Leadership Skills has been recognised globally for our conduct and trusted services, below is a demonstration of some recent accolades received.

A.I's 2019 Leading Adviser Awards Leading Leadership Training and Coaching Consultancy of the Year

A.I's Global "Best of the Best in Training & HR 2017

Business Excellence 2018 Award "Training Consiltancy Firm of the Year

Thank you for the success of the LEAD programme this week. Over the years I have been involved in many such programme's but I have to say that I have never experienced such positive feedback from the delegates.

I left the office today with an incredible positive feeling. One of the main reasons that I work for this enterprise is that I am privileged to lead a team of super people and to help them to grow and develop. Your contribution in that objective in this is hugely appreciated.

Paul McKeon, Managing Director, European Division - Ecobat Technologies

Simply put Tara has had a real WOW impact on my career!

Tara possesses a very rare combination of skills --- coach, cheerleader, business leader with excellent understanding of humany psychology -- and transitions between those roles to guide you where you need to go professionally and personally.

Preetham Peddanagari, Partner, EY

Easy and enjoyable read which will make an impact on your "Leadershift journey"...

understand why it's important to "Lead" rather than be "Led" which will set you up for future success.

Martin Graves, Group HR Director, JCB

An engaging and impactful communicator. I always live by her motto ‘know my message and be the message’.

This book captures the essence of some vital leadership pointers - a must read for anyone who aims to move forward in life.

Laurent Madelaine, Executive Vice President Operations, Lacoste

Tara offers a powerful coaching model based on her clear understanding of what helps and hinders change. I both use and recommend it.

I both use and recommend it.

Alison Horner, CEO, Tesco Asia

Just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of myself and colleagues for the incredible training you delivered to us on Wednesday.

In almost 31 year of Service with the FCO I have never been on a course where you literally saw people developing confidence and ability in front of your eyes and delivering results by the end of the day. I very much include myself in that statement.

Andy Brown, Foreign & Commonewalth Office

I have now worked with Tara for 2 years and during that time she has helped me enormously to articulate clearly my message, my strategy and how I can drive my career forward.

She has helped me to build up the confidence to be a guest speaker at various internal and external events and put focus upon what I really want to achieve into a coherent and successful plan. I have subsequently expanded my role, been promoted twice and taken on additional functions. I have now the tools to be able to coach and mentor others who have also gained great successes.

Emma Thomas, MD, Akerberg Thomas

The time we spent together gave me a lot both professionally and privately.

I came to the sessions with the goal to say less and tell more - to be simpler in the way I communicate to my peers with a focus on senior management. 

After our sessions I am really inspired how strong and simple message make a difference, saves time, increases self- confidence and makes you happy.

Thanks to our sessions my job seems easier and more organized.

I also feel much better as a good Leader, good wife and good mum.

Being at my best I bring much more value to my business, my family and as an inspiring leader. I know now next steps in my journey, personally and professionally will be a much higher level and I am much more confident I will reach them.

Katarina Navratilova, Commercial Director – Tesco Europe